This timeline details of funding and
development goals.

  • Q1&Q2. 2018

    – Searching, development.
    – First meetings of team management.

  • Q3. 2018

    – Creating of the first design and form of the exchange with our partners.
    – First step to making a place for traders to share.
    – Partnerships with 3 big companies (for marketing, design and development, the exchange platform).

  • Q4. 2018

    – Marketing actions (with our partners).
    – Starting the Pre-ITO project and sharing it with the community.
    – ITO starts for 4 main stages.

  • Q1. 2019

    – Post-ITO and making a deadline to start the exchange.
    – Creating a KYC system for all users, and the distribution of the tokens.
    – Get two other exchanges to trade our token.

  • Q2. 2019

    – Join CoinMarketCap, to be listed.
    – Starting the analysis services and publish the first analysis of pairs from our experts.
    – Starting the forum.
    – Live news sharing services starts.
    – Competition and vote for other coins.
    – Two new partnerships (with exchanges).

  • Q3. 2019

    – First steps to be regulated (SEC/CTFC).
    – Make it possible to be an auditable exchange.

  • Q4. 2019

    – Starting MasterCard project for all verified users (KYC).
    – First steps to create our own blockchain.

  • Q1. 2020

    – Starting migration from ERC20 to our own blockchain.
    – New partnerships (with coins and exchanges).
    – Continue to create technology and innovate to be one of the best exchanges and blockchains in the world.

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