Frequently asked questions

TradePlace is not only a place for the trading cryptocurrency but a global innovation platform, which provides wide functionality for traders from around the world. Using our platform, residents of all countries will be able to freely trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS and other main cryptocurrencies.

EXTP – it is TradePlace Exchange’s own token, it would be use for payment of transactions fees on all exchanges and trade operation on the platform.
EXTP will be released on the Ethereumblockchain according to the ERC-20 standard and have all the characteristic advantages. Noteworthy that their emission will be limited to a certain amount, which is an additional security and guarantee of growth on its price.

Our project was implemented to simplify the procedure of playing on a cryptocurrency exchange. Indeed TradePlace aim at creation worldwide and multi-operated platform for crypto traders, providing a safe and easy cryptocurrency exchange.In a medium time, our exchange should become one of the best in the cryptocurrency industry.TradePlace is a unique exchange where customers can get a qualitative analysis of coins or tokens.

It’s an all in one platform: Interactive chat rooms, consultants, experienced traders, all kinds of bots and trading tools will interact in a single ecosystem, without the need to use third-party services as an aid.

TradePlace will become one of the best hubs, where it will be possible not only to easily and quickly trade cryptocurrency but guaranteed to get expert support from experienced traders and the community. It’ll undoubtedly provide effective, long-term and highly liquid activities.

For investors and traders, there is the possibility to make investments of cryptocurrency from various wallets and accounts.

We plan to release no more than 500,000,000 XTP tokens as max supply, of which up to 100,000,000 tokens can be sold in the ITO to traders, holders, and investors. It’s a token of the exchange and you know what that is mean.

We accept ETH. When you click on Purchase, you will be taken to a page where you put the number of tokens you want to buy and give you exactly how much to pay in ETH.

When you do your purchase you will receive your tokens immediately.

The Know-Your-Customer system is gaining more and more interest. However, not all cryptocurrency exchanges introduce this system. Personal and confidential data becomes highly attractive targets for attempted theft or burglary.

For the next year 2019, the market will be more and more attractive for investors, regulatory commissions will find more control solution and will understand more the importance of the blockchain and Cryptocurrency discipline.

Subsequently, the platform that has more auditing and regulation resources will of course work in a good conditions and will be open to several countries without any problems.

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